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We are MAID for this.

“Hello and Welcome to Clean Away 360!”
Thank you for visiting our page and we hope to be cleaning with you soon!
Our primary goal is to build long-lasting relationships with each client, so we are often more than just a cleaning service.
We are people first company as we lead with love to enhance squeaky-clean homes making a sparkling difference in this world. Behind a good working relationship in life, there is a great house cleaning service empowering a household to a healthier home. As I, Cynthia Alcantar, been quoted to say, “A clean home turns into a golden palace of tranquility.”
Why The Valley? I was raised in the city of Burbank during my Junior High and High School time of yester-years. My family continues to live within this city as my children and my grandchildren continue to live and been raised here. I uphold my services to this community by volunteering at the local food pantry as well as being a Rotary Club Member. I love to help people and by starting a cleaning service business, this continues to provide an essential service.

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Why is this important? You may be juggling around making time for your family, your career, your pets or any type of obligations! We can help FREE up some of your time to focus on what is important to you. Let us do the dirty work you.

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