Housekeeping! The Essential Cleaning Supplies List for Homeowners

Oct 15, 2021 | Home Cleaning

The Essential Cleaning Supplies List for Homeowners

Before you tackle the project of cleaning your home, make sure you’ve got all the proper equipment! Here’s the complete cleaning supplies list for homeowners!

In the U.S., women spend 29 minutes a day on average cleaning. By comparison, men spend about 10 minutes.

But if you aren’t using the right supplies, your home may still not be getting clean.

Keep reading to learn a few of the essential items that should be on your cleaning supplies list.

A Good Vacuum

If you have hardwood floors throughout your home, you can skip over this tip. But if even a single room features carpet, a vacuum is a must. And not just any vacuum will do.

A weak, cheap vacuum won’t do much more than push your carpet fibers back and forth. Over time, built-up dirt and other debris in your carpet will leave it looking soiled.

Professional carpet cleaning can help. However, if you want to keep your floors looking great between cleanings, invest in a high-quality vacuum with good reviews.

White Vinegar

Basic cleaning supplies can get expensive, especially when you consider the many different types of surfaces you need to clean and the varying demands of different rooms in your home.

The key is finding cleaning supplies that can be used for many different purposes. Bonus points if that item is also inexpensive.

That’s where white vinegar comes in.

White vinegar can be used to clean windows, run through your coffee maker to clean it out, or even sprayed in the cracks in your driveway to stop grass from growing. Some homeowners even swear by using just white vinegar and baking soda to clean almost their entire home.

An Extending Duster

One big mistake many homeowners make is only cleaning the surfaces that are within reach. But if you aren’t cleaning those high up corners, ceiling fans, or molding, you’re leaving behind dust that can keep your family sneezing and leave your home looking less-than-clean.

A duster with an extending wand makes it easy to clean those hard-to-reach spots without having to deal with the hassle of getting out a ladder every other week to clean them. This is one professional house cleaning supply that every home should have on hand.

Of course, even with an extending duster, it can be easy to miss those nooks and crannies. Hitting every one would be an all-day task and not one that you want to repeat every few weeks.

Regular deep cleaning by professionals can help get your house sparkly clean so that you’ll only need to do lighter cleaning in between.

A Green Countertop Cleaner

Green house cleaning supplies help keep your family, your pets, and yourself safe, both while you’re cleaning and while you’re using the surfaces you’ve cleaned.

Even if you aren’t ready to take the leap and go completely green, a green countertop cleaner is a must.

Your kitchen counters come in contact with lots of little fingers and foods. Don’t risk adding chemicals to the mix.

Filling Your Cleaning Supplies List

Now that you know what belongs on your cleaning supplies list, it’s time to start filling it.

But if you struggle to squeeze in time for a trip to the grocery store to shop for these items, let alone finding time to actually use them to clean, we can help.

Request a quote today to see how professional house cleaning can take the stress out of your life, give you more free time, and allow you to enjoy your beautiful, clean home.

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