How Often Should You Clean Your House? A Basic Guide

Feb 10, 2022 | Home Cleaning

How often should you clean your house? This is a question we get asked quite often. Our guide here explains the key things to understand.

Statistics tell us that Americans spend an average of six hours per week cleaning their houses. More than a quarter say that they spend more than seven hours per week cleaning, while one in 10 clean for less than one hour per week. Toilets and floors are the most commonly cleaned fixtures in a house, though a majority of people say they dread cleaning the bathroom.

A common question to ask is exactly how often should you clean your house. While it generally depends on how busy a house is and the number of people living there, there are rules of thumb can you can follow. In this blog post, we will highlight a smart housing cleaning process to follow.


Items that require a daily clean include kitchen surface areas, given how frequently they are used. Countertops are in constant use, such as preparing food, unpacking grocery bags, and even serving as a desk for work projects. Make sure to regularly wipe down kitchen and bathroom surface areas, using a wipe to kill any lingering bacteria.

Every Few Days

The bathroom sink should be cleaned every few days, given how often it is used. General clutter should be tidied on a regular basis in every room of the house. If you have bins in your kitchen, these should be frequently emptied or when approaching full, so that your house does not start to smell.


You should give your whole bathroom a thorough cleaning once a week. This includes the floor, toilet, shower, and any other fixtures. In general, frequently touched areas in your house, such as door handles and bannisters, should be wiped down on a weekly basis.

Every Few Weeks

Features such as floors, fridges, and plants should be cleaned and tidied every few weeks. The fridge can be one of the easiest parts of your house to clean when done regularly; simply empty out any expired food and give the interior and exterior a wipe down. However, when it is left for many weeks, mold and bacteria can start to grow and your fridge can emit an awful smell.

Few Times a Year

Some of the items in your house that should be cleaned three or four times a year include the oven, windows, ceiling fans, baseboards, and pantries. This helps to limit dust and to keep everything looking fresh in your house.


Light fixtures and curtains can suffice with a good clean once a year, but don’t hesitate to do such cleanings more frequently if you live in a busy house.

How Often Should You Clean Your House?

If you have been wondering how often should you clean your house, then the above list should make planning a house cleaning routine. Easiest of all, you can schedule a cleaning from the experts. At Clean Away 360, we have served Burbank and nearby communities since 2016. To get a cleaning quote, contact our team here.

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