How Often Should You Have Your House Professionally Cleaned?

May 26, 2021 | Home Cleaning

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With these new pandemic times we live in, people take cleaning a lot more seriously than they did before. Since COVID-19 lives on surfaces, people take extra precautions to scrub and disinfect most communal areas in their homes.

Everyday cleaning rituals make a good habit. But now and then, you want to perform a deep cleaning throughout your home. Now, we know what you are thinking: deep cleaning is a process and can take hours.

That’s why hiring a professional house cleaning service can help you clean and save time. These professionals will come into your home and scrub everywhere you don’t have time to clean yourself.

So, are you wondering how often you should hire professional maid services for your home? Here is a guide to how often you should clean your house. 

How Often Do You Need Professional Deep Cleaning?

The need for a deep house cleanse depends on your situation. You will have to assess your home and living style to accurately determine how many times you want cleaning services to visit your home.

Some people who live alone, have a medium-sized house, and no pets only need services about once a year. But if you have a family, or roommates, plus pets, you might want to consider having someone come out at least once a month.

A good way to determine for yourself how many times you require maid services is to take a walk around your house. Open up your eyes to the nooks and crannies that otherwise go unnoticed.

Take note of how much dust or dirt you see. If you have pets, pay attention to the dander build-up, too. Dust, dirt, and dander can be potential threats to your health, sparking conditions like asthma and making them worse.

That is why you don’t want it to sit for too long in your home. To avoid this, many people hire cleaning services to come out bi-weekly or even once a week. There are other circumstances where a deep clean might benefit you.

For instance, many people prefer to hire professionals to come out and perform seasonal deep cleaning, especially in the spring. And, if you move out of your house or into a new one, these move-in/out cleaning services are great to ensure everything is spick and span. 

What Do Cleaning Services Do?

So, what do these services do? Well, they come in with cleaning equipment like dusters, disinfectants, and sprays and scrub your home from top to bottom.

They will get those hard-to-reach places, like bookshelves, and move furniture to clean neglected areas. Most people are busy with their daily schedules, so deep cleaning on your own can take up too much time.

When you find a business that you wish to hire, look at their services page, and see what levels of cleaning they offer. With a company like Cleanaway360, we offer things like general to top-to-bottom deluxe cleaning. 

More On House Cleaning Services

As you can tell, most people have professional house cleaning services that come out once every week to two weeks to deep clean their homes. That said, you shouldn’t let your daily cleaning habits slip, either.

Remember to continue dusting and wiping down surfaces whenever you can to prevent too much dirt and dust build-up. If you require professional maid services, Cleanaway360 is here to help. We offer a range of cleaning services to meet your every need. Please, feel free to contact us and get a quote today!

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