The Surprising Mental and Physical Health Benefits of a Clean Home

Jan 15, 2022 | Home Cleaning

Having a clean home is about more than just aesthetics. A tidy space can provide many surprising mental and physical health benefits.

Besides the fact that having a tidy home is all the rage with ‘cleanfluencers’ on social media, it also makes you a healthier and happier person.

Having a clean home is about more than just aesthetics. A tidy space can provide many surprising mental and physical health benefits.

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Negative Impact of A Dirty Home

There is a direct correlation between the lack of cleanliness and your mental health.

An untidy and cluttered home can lead to a lack of focus, confusion, becoming overwhelmed, and feelings of tension. When there is clutter it becomes difficult to focus on any given task. The visual cortex in your brain struggles with objects that are not related to your particular task which prevents you from completing the task at hand effectively.

Messes and clutter are directly linked to feelings of irritability and depression. A cluttered home creates fatigue and stress versus a clean home that creates the positive emotions of peace and rest.

Physical and Mental Health Benefits of a Clean Home

When your home is clean, organized, and tidy, not only is the atmosphere more pleasing to the eye, but your overall well-being greatly improved. A clean space is directly linked to a healthier state of mind and overall happiness.

Improves Your Mood

One of the major health benefits of a clean home is less stress and anxiety in your daily life. The act of cleaning creates a more mindful state of mind and the end result of a clean house greatly reduces the feelings of depression, fatigue, and feeling overwhelmed.

Increases Focus

The chaos created by a messy and dirty home affects your ability to focus. A major mental health benefit that comes with a tidy decluttered space is less irritability, fewer distractions, more productivity, and the ability to better process information.

If you are finding it hard to focus on a specific task make the time to declutter your space or find a cleaning company to help before beginning your project. An organized, fresh, and clean space can greatly enhance your ability to concentrate.

Gain Control of Your Environment

Your mental health needs control to flourish. A clean environment has great health benefits because it puts you in control of your home and space. When you feel out of control because of a messy home the simple act of creating a clean space is a way to diminish your feelings of helplessness.

Disorganization brings feelings of overwhelm and anxiety which takes away your feelings of control and mastery of your home. Bring order to your environment by cleaning it yourself or hiring a cleaning service.

Improves Immunity

Whether you clean your own home or hire professional cleaners a clean home keeps your body healthier. If you are someone who deals with seasonal allergies dust, mold, pet hair, and mildew can affect your overall immunity.

Regularly vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning damp areas such as bathrooms and basements can help you avoid allergy symptoms and improve your immune system to feel happier and healthier.

Hire Professional Cleaners

The task of cleaning your home on top of your already busy schedule can add to your levels of stress and anxiety. Consider hiring professional cleaners to ensure a clean home and improve your mental health.

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